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It was a blend of science and science fiction, centering around a child cute enough to star in a Steven Spielberg film. Virtually every TV news station in Phoenix converged on the headquarters of the MORE Foundation to see him, and the amazing prosthetic hand created for him by the MORE Foundation. And the story has now spread across America.

Viewers from LA to New York, from Minnesota to Miami, saw Jacob’s sheer delight when his Christmas present from the MORE Foundation turned out to be a prosthetic designed to look like his beloved “Stormtrooper” characters from “Star Wars.”. The 5-year old, who was born without a fully formed right hand, quickly demonstrated how his new hand will change his life.

It’s all part of the MORE Foundation’s “Helping Hands” program, which uses 3D printing technology to make customized prosthetic hands for children in need.

Check out what the syndicated news magazine “Inside Edition” had to say about us!

And if you have a child in need of a prosthetic hand, or want to support the MORE Foundation’s effort to help more children, please call 623-241-8724 or contact us via our online form.

Inside Edition’s story


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