The Motion Analysis Laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze human movement.

The MORE Foundation Motion Analysis Laboratory is fully equipped to provide accurate biomechanical measurements of subjects as they perform a variety of common daily movement activities. These measurements help provide orthopaedic specialists improve surgical techniques, validate implant designs, develop physical therapy protocols, evaluate pathological movement in patients with neuromuscular disease, and analyze sports performance.

Lab Description
The laboratory is housed in a space 10 meters long by 6 meters wide, with a raised 3 meter ceiling providing adequate room for a variety of activities performed to assess functional capabilities of healthy and impaired subjects. The floor is raised to allow the installation of floor embedded measuring devices and provide an safe area to run equipment cables. For gait studies a 6 meter walkway is provided. The walls are equipped with 80/20® rails to allow cameras and other equipment to be positioned wherever necessary to provide optimal coverage.


What’s in our lab?

  • 10, Eagle-4, 200 fps, 4 megapixel cameras (Motion Analysis Corp.)
  • 4, AMTI OR-6, floor embedded force platforms. (2 x 1000 lb, 2 x 2000 lb)
  • AMTI force platform stair system
  • 10 channel surface EMG (Motion Lab Systems)
  • Motion tracking software (Cortex, Motion Analysis Corp.)
  • Motion analysis software, (Orthotrak, Motion Analysis Corp.)
  • 2 digital video cameras
  • 2 Windows PCs


The motion analysis laboratory equipment and software allows accurate tracking of movement in 3D space combined with the measurement of ground reaction forces to determine joint kinematics and kinetics. Muscle activation during tasks is recorded using surface EMG. Tasks generally recorded include walking in both a straight line and around corners, stair ascent and descent, rising from a seated position, sitting on a chair, and balance.

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Biomechanics research funding has been provided by many of the top orthopedic manufacturers and service providers, including:

StrykerDepuy-MitekArthrexExactechSmith & NephewInnovision.