MORE Foundation’s research directly affects patients’ quality of life and defines the standard of care in hospitals and medical offices. Our laboratories are staffed with clinicians, bioengineers and scientists whose specialties range from sports performance and musculoskeletal anatomy to mechanical testing of orthopedic devices and implants.


Biomechanics Lab

The Biomechanics Research Laboratory houses state-of-the-art, research grade, motion tracking, materials testing, and bio-robotic testing equipment. We undertake biomechanical testing and investigations concerning effects of various orthopedic interventions and implantable devices on musculoskeletal biomechanics, implant strength and fracture fixation.

Motion Analysis Lab

The Motion Analysis Laboratory uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze human movement. The MORE Foundation Motion Analysis Laboratory is fully equipped to provide accurate biomechanical measurements of subjects as they perform a variety of common daily movement activities.

Clinical Research

MORE Foundation is committed to testing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, surgical techniques, and outcomes to continually improve patient care.
The Foundation partners with affiliated physicians at local medical practices such as The CORE Institute, who act as principle investigators on our clinical trials.