Lab Description

The Biomechanics Research Laboratory houses state-of-the-art, research grade, motion tracking, materials testing, and bio-robotic testing equipment. We undertake biomechanical testing and investigations concerning effects of various orthopedic interventions and implantable devices on musculoskeletal biomechanics, implant strength and fracture fixation.

The biomechanics team is dedicated to developing innovative and rigorous testing strategies for evaluating orthopedic devices that result in overall improved quality of life with the least risk of potential injury for patients. The team also leads the “Helping Hands” charitable activities of the Foundation.

What’s in our lab?

  • 1,300 sq.ft total floor space
  • Additional 12’ x 10’ walk-in freezer (-25°F)
  • Onsite biohazard waste storage and disposal
  • Eye Wash station; Fire extinguisher
  • Instrument cleaning/rinsing station
  • Dedicated stainless steel cadaver dissection table and instruments
  • Access to loading/unloading station for heavy equipment delivery and transportation
  • 220 VAC and 480 VAC power supply

  • Custom designed robotic equipment for purchase**
  • Hands-on surgical training labs
  • In-house and 3rd party contracted radiographic Imaging (Fluoro, X-Ray, CT, MRI, DEXA)
  • Servo-hydraulic test frames (uni- and bi-axial):
    • Load-to-failure/construct strength tests (cadaveric bones, synthetic bones)
    • Pull-out tests (screw pull-outs, tendon strain, suture strength)
    • Long-term fatigue testing with or without fragment motion tracking
  • Multi-axis, multi-segment range-of-motion (ROM) assessments with or without robotic control
  • Multi-axis cadaveric loading tests using 6-DOF robotic arm
  • Surgical training with audio-video conferencing within laboratory
  • In-vitro musculo-skeletal simulations
    • Lower extremity (knee, hips, ankle)
    • Upper extremity (shoulder, elbow)
  • 3D Printing (PLA, ABS) up to 12”x12” base
  • 3D CAD, testing fixture design and fabrication
  • Anatomical modeling & 3D printing using CT scans for pre-operative planning
  • Bio-statistical analysis; preliminary, proof-of-concept testing;
  • Research protocol design, budgeting and grant submission

** Custom equipment not designed for FDA 510K testing

  • Bone mineral density (DEXA) machine (GE Hologic Discovery)
  • Mini-C Arm (Orthoscan)
  • Two 65” HD TV monitors
  • HD Audio-Video streaming capabilities (Canon Camcorder, Tascam Audio Recorder)
  • Nikon D4300 DSLR HD Camera
  • 1000W Dual Speaker system with lapel microphones and long-range Rx/Tx
  • Easy access to MRI and CT scanning facility within the same building facility
  • Contracted CNC machine shop facility within 1 mile

The lab houses two servo-hydraulic mechanical testing frames for conducting cadaveric bone tests (Shore Western Manufacturing, Inc).

  • Uni-Axial (Tension + compression)
  • Bi-Axial (Tension-Compression + Torque)
  • 1x 2500 lb load cell (Interface Inc.)
  • 1x 500 lb load cell (Interface Inc.)
  • 1x 300 lb load cell (Interface Inc.)

For over a decade, MORE Foundation engineers developed and perfected, advanced multi-actuator systems musculo-skeletal robotic testing platforms to mimic physiologic muscular response of independent muscles of the lower and upper extremity joints whilst simulating activities of daily living. Such simulations can also be performed in combination with a 6-DOF robotic arm (KUKA) for external loading simulations (upper body and arm weight, ground-reaction forces/torques etc.).

Muscle force generation, joint loads, multi-joint kinematics, center of rotation, etc. are some of the primary outcomes of these test platforms. These outcomes allow clinicians and researchers to identify the limitations and advantages of different joint replacement devices, surgical procedures, and determine the ideal design, placement and biomechanical impacts of the same.

Lower Extremity Simulator (Hip & Knee)

  • 10x actuators with in-line single axis load cells
  • Real-Time, multi-axis joint positional tracking and control
  • Integration with 6-DOF robotic arm
  • Import ADL kinematic/kinetic trajectories

Upper Extremity Simulator (Shoulder & Elbow)

  • 12x actuators with in-line single axis load cell
  • Custom scapula fixture allowing 3-DOF positioning (scapula-thoracic motion)
  • Real-time, multi-axis joint position tracking and control
  • Import ADL kinematic trajectories

  • KR300 6-DOF robotic arm with 300kg payload capacity (KUKA Robotics)
  • Optical rigid body tracking systems (Optotrak Certus (NDI, Waterloo, CA)
    • The Optotrak Certus) motion capture system can be used in conjunction with the test frames or the robotic test beds to quickly and accurately monitor the kinematics and fracture gapping in three dimensions under load and during movement.
  • Single and six-axis load cells:
    • 12x 150lb single axis load cells (Transducer techniques)
    • 12x 1000lb single axis load cells (Interface Inc.)
    • 12x 500lb single axis load cell (Interface Inc.)
    • 1x 500lb and 1x 1000lb 6-DOF load cells (AMTI)
    • 1x 1000lb, 50lb-in 6-DOF load cell (ATI)
  • Real-time PXIe based controller (National Instruments)
  • Signal conditioner and DAQ boxes (National Instruments)

  • Miter Saw, Band Saw, Dremel
  • Bench grinder
  • Drill press
  • Hand power-tools
  • 250 piece mechanic’s tool chest
  • Raise 3D N2 Printer

  • 3x dedicated desktop PCs with 27” Dual LCD screens
    • 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel I7 processors
  • Software
    • SPSS v23
    • Solidworks 2014
    • Matlab
    • LabView
    • IdeaMaker 3D printing
    • ITK Snap

Donors and supporters of MORE Foundation, please click the link below to access the list of equipment and supplies that help us with our laboratory research activities. All donations/purchases are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. If you’d like to donate your personal gently used mechanical tools and other equipment listed below, please contact us here.

Matterhackers 1.75mm PLA Filament – Black:
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Matterhackers 1.75mm PLA Filament – White:
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Matterhackers 1.75mm PLA Filament – Blue:
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Matterhackers 1.75mm PLA Filament – Green:
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Nozzles for Raise3D N2 Printer – 0.2 mm:
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Nozzles for Raise3D N2 Printer – 0.4 mm:
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Nozzle for Raise3D N2 Printer – 0.6 mm:
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Nozzle for Raise3D N2 Printer- 0.8 mm:
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Extruder upgrade for Raise3D N2 Printer:
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Build plate replacement for Raise3D N2 Printer:
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Home Depot Gift Card (for lab supplies):
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Portable autoclave/ Industrial washer:
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Stainless steel sink:
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Band saw:
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Drill press for heavy metal (standing):
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Chest refrigerator – 5.0 Cu. Ft or approx. 50”x 30”x 36” (WxDxH):
$160.00 – $400.00
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“I’ve worked with MORE Foundation research team on numerous projects over the past decade and have continually been impressed by the technical knowledge, creativity, and scientific integrity of the researchers throughout each phase of a study, from protocol and fixture development to publication. MORE has been a good research partner for myself and for my company and I would recommend them to anyone in orthopedics”

– Chris Roche, Director of Engineering, Exactech, FL