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From sharing the basics of sports medicine with the general public to demonstrating the details of orthopedic surgery to healthcare professionals, we educate our communities in a variety of ways.

MORE Foundation is proud to be an accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) granting institution. As the only 501(c)3 foundation accredited by the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA,, our programs grant the same type of CMEs as major university medical centers and large hospital systems. MORE Foundation is accredited to provide continuing medical education (CME), continuing nursing education (CNE), and continuing education (CE) for Athletic Trainers. We will work with healthcare professionals and groups from Arizona, and across the country, to develop, plan, and provide continuing education credits for your educational events. To learn more about partnering with MORE Foundation to provide continuing education, please see Educational Activity Planning or contact us.

MORE Foundation researchers and partnering physicians present special lectures, educational forums and conferences in our communities. Our professionals continue to donate their time and resources to share their knowledge with groups of lay people, semiprofessional athletes, high school groups, medical students, interns and researchers.

Educational Activity Planning

CME Application and Planning Worksheet

(Form Here)

To submit a new activity proposal, download the CME Application and Planning Worksheet. Complete the form and gather corresponding materials. If this is your first time completing a CME Application and Planning Worksheet, it may be helpful to contact us for assistance. Send the application and materials to Info or Debra Sietsema

CME Activity Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

All those with a role in the educational activity must complete a CME Activity Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

Speaker Submissions

Presenters/Speakers are asked to complete a conflict of interest disclosure form. Other requested materials such as CV, Commitment to Speak Form, Photo, Presenter Permission for Enduring Materials, and other material as requested can be sent to Debra Sietsema

Educational Commercial Support and Exhibitor Agreement

(Form Here)

MORE Foundation must sign all agreements for commercial and exhibitor support for CME activities. Please use the templated form whenever possible. If the company requests use of their agreement, it must be approved by MORE Foundation prior to execution. These agreements are between MORE Foundation, the joint educational provider (when applicable), and the commercial company. These agreements must be fully executed prior to the educational activity.

Recording Consent and Permission to Use Enduring Material

(Recording Consent Form)(Presenter Permission Form)

When the educational activity includes recording for the educational event, the recording consent is obtained.

Permission to use the enduring material is received from the author or presenter of the material and submitted with the CME/CNE/CE application.


To provide CME/CE approval, MORE Foundation prefers to have more than six (6) weeks to collect and review the information required by ArMA and ACCME. Applications received less than six (6) weeks prior to the start date of the educational activity may be subject to a Rush Fee if we agree to process the application on short notice.

Until a joint provider receives and executes a letter of agreement from MORE Foundation, promotional materials or communications cannot state that CME/CNE/Ce providership has been received, applied for, or pending.

Various other timelines/deadlines related to CME/CE providership, reporting data, and submitting materials are included at the end of the application form.


(Fee Schedule Form)

Please review the most current fee schedule.

MORE Foundation Continuing Education fees are updated periodically. If you have questions regarding the fee for your particular educational activity, contact Debra Sietsema

Planning Guides/Resources/Event Management Templates


Frequently Asked Questions



(MORE Policy Form)

MORE Foundation complies with the policies of Arizona Medical Association, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, American Medical Association, California Board of Nursing, and Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers for the planning and implementation of CME, CNE, and CE. As such, MORE Foundation designates and awards:

  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • CNE
  • CE (for ATs)

MORE Foundation is also able to apply for other healthcare provider continuing education credits such as physical therapy and radiation therapy.

To assure consistent implementation of these organizational policies, as well as implementation of our own policies, MORE Foundation policies may be helpful as educational activities are planned and implemented. Failure of a joint provider to comply with these policies could result in all or a portion of approved CME/CNE/CE or could preclude CME/CNE/CE provision for future events.

Exhibitor Policies

(Exhibitor Policy Form)

Organizations that provide continuing healthcare education are permitted to sell advertising and exhibit space in conjunction with the educational activity, but there must be a clear separation of commercial promotion from the education. Exhibitor Rules and Regulations are provided to each exhibitor and may be adjusted based on the venue.

There must be a fully signed agreement between MORE Foundation, joint provider when they exist, and the commercial entity prior to the start of the educational activity.

For MORE Educational Information

Contact Us or Debra Sietsema at [email protected]


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