About us


The MORE (Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Research and Education) Foundation was founded in 2009 by a group of senior leaders at The CORE Institute as a means to give back to the communities served by The CORE Institute. Musculoskeletal conditions, affecting everything from our shoulders and spines to our hips, knees and ankles, are a leading cause of disability and chronic pain for patients around the world. At the Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation—MORE Foundation—we are dedicated to changing that.

The MORE Foundation has pioneered innovative orthopedic research and educational programs and provides charitable assistance to those suffering from musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

The MORE Foundation envisions a world full of active people. Our mission is to empower individuals to Keep Life in Motion® through our innovative research, community education and charitable assistance.

The mission of MORE Foundation is Empowering Individuals to Keep Life in Motion® through innovative research, community education, and charitable assistance. Each of these three pillars– Innovative Research, Community Education, and Charitable Assistance – rely on the generous support of our donors. As a non-profit charitable organization, we understand the positive impact that philanthropy can have on donors as well as recipients. Contributing to our programs can enrich your life in addition to the lives of our program beneficiaries.

As a donor to MORE Foundation, you decide where your charitable contributions are applied. You can choose to support a broad pillar such as charitable assistance or research programs, drill down to a specific program such as Helping Hands, or contribute to our greatest need fund and let the Foundation’s leadership decide where your contribution can have the greatest impact.

If you have suffered from a musculoskeletal ailment, or know someone who has, you understand the impact that loss of mobility can cause. Our innovative research programs seek to advance the standard of medical care for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. Our educational programs inform the public and continually train medical professionals in the best options for patient treatments. Our charitable programs directly impact the lives of veterans and children in measurable and positive ways. Please consider supporting MORE Foundation to ensure we continue to achieve our vision of A World Full of Active People.


A Brief History 


The Foundation began operating as a tax exempt private foundation (501(c)3), with an independent Board of Trustees, in 2011. With the support of its initial sponsor, MORE quickly built programs to conduct musculoskeletal research studies that served the public interest.

As MORE’s reputation has grown in the orthopedic community, the Foundation has garnered dozens of corporate sponsors and enjoyed expanded support from private individuals. With this increased support base, MORE Foundation has pioneered innovative orthopedic research programs, conducted educational programs in the field of musculoskeletal healthcare, and launched charitable assistance programs that enhance access to healthcare for vulnerable populations. It’s innovative, community-focused programs, seek to create a world full of active people.