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MORE Foundation “Helping Hands” Makes National Headlines

By July 27, 2022November 3rd, 2022No Comments

The MORE Foundation is front page news! Our first delivery of a prosthetic hand made on a 3D printer went to a 5-year old Star Wars fan who was born without a fully formed right hand, and we engineered it to look like his favorite “Stormtrooper” characters.

And just in time for Christmas! The Arizona Republic put “Jacob’s Story” right on their front page on Christmas Day, with a video report of this heartwarming event on

It’s all part of our “Helping Hands” program, which is dedicated to creating low-cost, high technology prosthetic hands for children in need. Using 3D printer technology, we can dramatically lower costs, and help many more children in the process.

But Jacob’s hand was a gift, and you can watch him open the box and quickly take up the challenge of learning to use his new hand. From tossing a ball, to jumping into “Star Wars’ mode and brandishing a ‘light saber’. Plus, he’s now learning to write with his dominant right hand. A wonderful day, watching a little boy embrace his future.

If you have a child in need of a prosthetic hand, or want to support The MORE Foundation’s effort to help more children, please call 623-241-8724 or contact us via online form.

AZ Central’s Story



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