Meet Myles

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Meet Myles

Age: 10

Helping Hand: Dragon


In October of 2019, we got the opportunity to attend the Lucky Fin Project’s Halloween Meet-up for kids with limb differences.  There we got to meet Myles, a 10-year-old boy from Arizona with a love for dragons, reading, and working with animals.   On the weekends, Myles volunteers at an animal sanctuary and works specifically with a goat named Bella with her own limb difference that matches Myles’. When Myles is not volunteering, he is busy writing his book all about dragons including their anatomy, physiology and phylogeny.

We are currently building Myles a dragon-themed wrist powered device, that he hopes to use to help his stability when biking and allow him to use his affected hand to hold a pencil and write. Myles will be our 7th hand recipient, and we are so excited to provide him with his prosthesis.  Please continue to follow the developments of his story as he receives the gift of a unique prosthetic.

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