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Helping Hands Story

Meet Jacob

By July 29, 2022October 31st, 2022No Comments

Meet Jacob

Age: 5
Helping Hand: Storm Trooper


Our first Helping Hands recipient, Jacob, is a young boy from Arizona. The MORE Foundation gifted Jacob and his family the custom made, Star Wars-inspired Storm Trooper hand in December of 2017.
Jacob’s Helping Hand is a wrist-operated prosthetic, meaning that with the bend of his wrist he is able to control his Helping Hand and function in ways that were impossible before.  Jacob is now able to throw a ball, hold a water bottle and even write with a pencil. His custom device even features a pencil attachment which provides him extra support when writing.
The lab here at the MORE Foundation is full of researchers, machines and devices used for research. Children who come in are often fascinated by all of its components and Jacob was no exception. He got the opportunity to spend time in the lab and watch the 3D printer create his new Storm Trooper hand.
Jacob’s hand delivery paved the way for all the Helping Hand deliveries and is an important contribution to our program. It allowed us to clearly show the potential of these devices in improving many different aspects of a child’s life such as functionality, confidence, coordination and muscle strength.

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