Aiden P and Mikey U

“We are Aiden P and Mikey U, eighth graders at Madison Meadows Middle School. We love to use our 3D printers and hope to be volunteer printers for Helping Hands someday, but for now we can raise funds and awareness of this amazing organization.”

We would really appreciate you donating what you can to this very worthy cause and sharing info about MORE-Foundation Helping Hands. Since we are graduating Madison Meadows 8th grade in 2022, we decided to try and raise that amount, $2022, for this great cause.

As part of our Madison Meadows IB Community Project, we are helping raise awareness and funds for MORE-Foundation Helping Hands.

MORE Foundation uses 3-D printer technology to make customized prosthetic hands for children, at no cost to the family. Our volunteers and engineers take measurements of the hand in need, upload those measurements to the computer, and print a prosthetic that is customized to the size, shape, and needs of the recipient. Volunteers assemble and fit the hands, while our network of hand doctors and hand therapists assist with training and rehabilitation plans. MORE Foundation is grateful to the e-NABLE Community and Team Unlimbited for pioneering the use of 3-D printed prosthetics and their knowledge sharing communities to exchange designs. Many of the designs used by MORE Foundation are based on designs from these communities. We will be making our designs and add-ons available for free download in the near future, so stay tuned if you like a MORE Foundation design you have seen.

I’m inspired to see this generation of children so motivated to help their peers and stand in awe of their command of technology at such a young age.

– Dr. Marc Jacofsky,
Executive Director of MORE Foundation

Thank You

Thanks so much for reading, and donating a Helping Hand!

– Aiden P and Mikey U