Melissa Addington

Melissa Addington is a dedicated and creative executive engaged in numerous non-profit, medical and management marketing plans. Ms. Addington’s expertise includes programs with the USMCR Toys for Tots, University of Arizona/NSF BRAIN research and international management with The Institute for Mobility and Longevity. In addition to her non-profit work, she owns I-Zone Marketing, a boutique marketing and advertising agency and serves as the VP of Client Experience for American Wealth Advisers. As both an analytical and strategic thinker, she excels at providing long-term vision while addressing existing problems and driving continuous improvement; implementing effective processes, policies, and procedures; and ensuring we meet/exceed deliverables, corporate goals, and customer expectations.

Melissa Addington received her Bachelor of Fine Art from University of Colorado in Boulder, CO and Associates from the Colorado Institute of Art. She loves to think outside of the box, communicate and work with stakeholders, clients and vendors at all levels. Her interest is to promote “Healthy Living Through Creativity”. As the human spirit evolves, she looks to establish balance between one’s work, play and exercise using social or digital media, traditional marketing tools and old fashion person to person communication.