Meet Eric

Meet Eric

Age: 8

Helping Hand: Spider-Man


In May of 2019, Eric and his family traveled from New Mexico to North Phoenix for the gift of a Spider-Man inspired Helping Hand provided by the MORE Foundation.

Eric’s helping hand is an elbow powered prosthetic, so with just the bend of his elbow, Eric can control the fingers of the hand and is discovering new skills and activities. Since receiving his Helping Hand, Eric is able to ride a bike and his parents report he is showing confidence he did not have before. 

With his new Helping Hand and his newfound confidence, Eric is a superhero to us all.

Meet Rumi

Meet Rumi

Age: 7, 9

Helping Hand: BB8 – Star Wars


Rumi and her family traveled from Apache Junction for the gift of her first Helping Hand in 2018.  This energetic 7 year old wanted to learn to swim but felt she would never be able to learn with just one hand.  MORE Foundation created a custom designed swim fin prosthetic that looked like a mermaid’s tail for Rumi. With the help of a swim instructor at Ability360, Rumi used her swim fin to overcome her fears and really took to the water. Rumi’s inspiring Helping Hands story was featured on TLC’s “This is Life Live” including a live on-air reveal . This featured story covered how the MORE Foundation’s 3D printing technology, was able to customize a Helping Hand just for her, fulfilling her desires- both in functionality and in design. Of course, we also gifted her a grasping hand to complement her swim fin – a multi-colored pastel design of her own creation.

Battling through being mistreated by classmates from a young age was rough on Rumi, and it was difficult for her mother and twin sister to watch. However, with her new prosthetic device she had something unique made for her and met many people who supported her in overturning the stigma associated with children with limb differences.

In March of 2020, Rumi had outgrown her original grasping hand and received her second Helping Hand, a new design based on BB8 from Star Wars, with its orange, white and silver theme. She was using the hand to pick up tennis balls and play, just minutes after trying it on for the first time.

Rumi’s helping hand is an elbow powered prosthetic, which means that with the bend of her elbow, Rumi can control the fingers of the hand. 

Rumi’s mom Caryn recently reported “Rumi now dives, body surfs, board surfs, laps, and carries on in water for hours.” “Rumi has a newfound confidence. Our summer was really changed by our experience with More Foundation’s Mermaid Swim Fin!”

After 2 years of working with Rumi and her family, we are thankful that we get to see her and her twin sister, Halo, grow. It is special to see them light up when playing with one another in our lab and telling us all about their favorite activities and funny stories

Meet Jacob

Meet Jacob

Age: 5

Helping Hand: Storm Trooper


Our first Helping Hands recipient, Jacob, is a young boy from Arizona. The MORE Foundation gifted Jacob and his family the custom made, Star Wars-inspired Storm Trooper hand in December of 2017. 

Jacob’s Helping Hand is a wrist-operated prosthetic, meaning that with the bend of his wrist he is able to control his Helping Hand and function in ways that were impossible before.  Jacob is now able to throw a ball, hold a water bottle and even write with a pencil. His custom device even features a pencil attachment which provides him extra support when writing.

The lab here at the MORE Foundation is full of researchers, machines and devices used for research. Children who come in are often fascinated by all of its components and Jacob was no exception. He got the opportunity to spend time in the lab and watch the 3D printer create his new Storm Trooper hand.

Jacob’s hand delivery paved the way for all the Helping Hand deliveries and is an important contribution to our program. It allowed us to clearly show the potential of these devices in improving many different aspects of a child’s life such as functionality, confidence, coordination and muscle strength.

Meet Myles

Meet Myles

Age: 10

Helping Hand: Dragon


In October of 2019, we got the opportunity to attend the Lucky Fin Project’s Halloween Meet-up for kids with limb differences.  There we got to meet Myles, a 10-year-old boy from Arizona with a love for dragons, reading, and working with animals.   On the weekends, Myles volunteers at an animal sanctuary and works specifically with a goat named Bella with her own limb difference that matches Myles’. When Myles is not volunteering, he is busy writing his book all about dragons including their anatomy, physiology and phylogeny.

We are currently building Myles a dragon-themed wrist powered device, that he hopes to use to help his stability when biking and allow him to use his affected hand to hold a pencil and write. Myles will be our 7th hand recipient, and we are so excited to provide him with his prosthesis.  Please continue to follow the developments of his story as he receives the gift of a unique prosthetic.

Taking robotics to the next level of precision orthopedics: Q&A with MORE Foundation’s Dr. Marc Jacofsky

Taking robotics to the next level of precision orthopedics: Q&A with MORE Foundation’s Dr. Marc Jacofsky

This interview originally appeared in Becker’s Orthopedic and Spine Review on June 8, 2020.


Marc Jacofsky, PhD, chief scientific officer of HOPCo, which manages The CORE Institute, plays an integral role in the organization’s efforts to advance musculoskeletal research and treatment. He is also a founding member of MORE Foundation, the charitable organization associated with Phoenix-based The CORE Institute. Here he describes how robotics will play an important role in orthopedics going forward and what MORE Foundation is doing to contribute.

Question: What is the mission and focus of MORE Foundation?

Dr. Marc Jacofsky: The mission of MORE Foundation is to Keep Life in Motion through innovative research, community education and charitable assistance programs in the field of musculoskeletal health. MORE Foundation conducts over a dozen clinical trials per year and houses two state of the art laboratories dedicated to biomechanics and human movement analysis. As an accredited CME provider, MORE Foundation is continually helping to define the standard of care through its nationally recognized educational events which draw prominent faculty and attendees from across the country. Our charitable assistance programs ensure access to musculoskeletal care for military veterans and children with upper limb differences.

Q: How do you see robotics and technology evolving in orthopedics today?

MJ: Robotics have introduced a new level of precision to orthopedic surgery. From surgical planning using advanced imaging techniques to the ability to execute the surgical plan without deviation, robots and associated software allow the surgeon to be incredibly precise. We are now at a point where the ability of the surgeon-robot team to execute a surgical plan has exceeded our ability to generate evidence-based patient-specific surgical plans that will optimize the biomechanics and outcomes of individual patients. The robots are capable of performing critical surgical steps with high precision, but what should we be programming the robot to do? The future of robotics will rely on improved patient centered programming strategies and a lot more research is needed in this area.

Q: What research are you most excited about?

MJ: I am most excited about the robotic simulation research platforms. While robots clearly have an established role in patient care, they also have a lot to offer in answering unknown questions that remain around optimizing the programming of surgical robots. We have built both upper and lower extremity robotic simulators that can test new paradigms and provide new insights into surgical planning. Our simulators can tension the tendons in a cadaver limb and see how the limb moves in response to this ‘muscle input.’ By doing this with multiple muscles simultaneously we can recreate human-like motion in a robotic simulation, much the way a puppeteer controls a marionette – only we accomplish this under precise computer control systems that we have developed in-house. Having our Human Motion Lab right next door allows us to quickly validate our simulations with patients and volunteers.

Q: What impact do you hope to make on the field of orthopedics in the future?

MJ: MORE Foundation looks forward to advancing the ability for surgeons to provide patient specific care through optimized biomechanical algorithms which result from our research. This will allow the orthopedic community to take full advantage of the precision offered by the robotic tools at their disposal. Of course, as we discover we feel it is our duty to educate, to disseminate new found knowledge and advance the standard of musculoskeletal care across the global orthopedic community.

American Legion Rider’s Come out in Support of MORE Foundation’s Veterans’ Transportation Program

American Legion Rider’s Come out in Support of MORE Foundation’s Veterans’ Transportation Program

On Saturday March 7, the American Legion Post 34 organized its second annual Ride ‘N Raise to ensure veterans in Maricopa County would have continued access to medical transportation.  The event, which welcomed all vehicle types into the annual “poker run”, helps to support MORE Foundation’s Veterans Transportation Assistance Program (V-TAP).  The event saw a great turnout and culminated in a fun-filled afternoon featuring live music and charity auctions at the Post headquarters in Cave Creek.

The American Legion Post recently presented MORE Foundation with the proceeds of the fundraiser, which will fund over 50 medical transport rides for veterans who need assistance.  These rides ensure our veterans can Keep Life in Motion by fulfilling the critical role that reliable medical transportation plays in maintaining health, mobility and independence.

Since its inception in 2015, V-TAP, in partnership with Quality Transportation Services of Arizona, has provided over 1,400 reliable and compassionate medical rides to the veterans of Maricopa County.  The current COVID-19 pandemic and the associated shelter in place and social distancing guidelines, creates new challenges for veterans to travel to and from needed medical appointments.  Now more than ever, V-TAP plays a vital role in the health and safety of veterans by providing timely, professional and private rides to medical providers across the county.

If you are interested in supporting MORE Foundation and the V-TAP program, please consider making a donation at